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Hello! It's OrganicIceCream.Com time!
No artificial colors!
No GMO's!
No artificial flavors!
No artificial sweeteners!
No yucky, weird chemicals!
Ice Cream for happiness!
Ice Cream for love!
Ice Cream for life!
Ice Cream for health!
Eat with your heart!
Eat with your mind!
Eat with your mouth! Long live Organic Ice Cream!
  •  IFOAM EU is seeking someone to assist in two important areas concerning the IFOAM EU network: membership development and...

  •  The article published in the mail online on the paper  ‘Does certified organic farming reduce greenhouse gas emissions from...

  •  The World Health Organization’s cancer agency IARC has published the full report which caused a huge worldwide response,...

  • What are the latest innovations that the organic sector has to offer and how could it be adopted...

  • The UK company OXITEC have submitted an application to release genetically modified (GM) olive flies into the environment...

  • The 'Organic Can Feed the Planet' Manifesto is now open for consultation. The action group is asking for...

  • On 13 July, European Ministers of Agriculture exchanged opinions on the Commission’s proposal for opt-outs on GMO imports...

  •  The EIP-AGRI Service Point has launched a call for experts for three new Focus Groups. The Focus Groups...

  • To help organic farmers and farming associations, make full use of the new EU Rural Development Policy 2014–2020,...

  • In December 2014, as part of an effort to cut red tape, First Vice-President Frans Timmermans suggested to...

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